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8080 / 8080A :

The Intel 8080A is a complete 8-bit parallel central processing unit. It is fabricated on a single LSI chip using Intel´s n-channel silicon gate MOS process. This offers the user a high performance solution to control and processing applications. The 8080A contains six 8-bit general purpose working registers and an accumulator. The six general purpose registers may be addressed individually or in pairs providing both single and double precision operators. The 16-bit stack pointer controls the addressing of an external stack. This stack gives the 8080A the ability to easily handle multiple level priority interrupts by rapidly storing and resotring processor status. It also provides almost unlimited subroutine nesting. The microprocessor has been designed to simplify systems design. Separate 16-line addresses and 8-line bidirectional data busses are used to facilitate easy interface to memory an I/O.
Note : The 8080A is functionally and eletrically compatible with the Intel 8080.

Overview :

- TTL Drive Capbility
- 2µs Instruction Cycle
- Powerful Problem Solving Instruction Set
- 6 General Purpose Registers and an Accumulator
- 16-bit Program Counter for Directly Addressing up to 64 KByte of Memory
- 16-bit Stack Pointer and Stack Manipulation Instructions
- Decimal, Binary & Double Precision Arithmetic
- Ability to Provide Priority Vectored Interruots
- 512 Direclty Addressed I/O Ports
- Avaible in 40-Lead Cerdip and Plastic Packages
- Temperature Under Bias 0°C to +70°C
- Storage Temperature : -65°C to +150°C
- Voltage -0.3V to +20V
- Power Dissipation 1.5 W

Produced by/as :

AMD 8080A ; 8080-A1 ; 8080-A2
INTEL 8080A ; 8080-A1 ; 8080-A2
NEC 8080